INSIDE is the story of Christie. A woman with a secret. A secret that may come back to haunt her in the worst way possible.

Written by Garry Charles (Hammerhead) and directed by Ron Purtee (The Social Media Massacre) INSIDE looks to be a new psychological thriller that will leave people talking.

Behind The Madness!

Garry Charles - writer/producer

Garry Charles was born and raised in the UK. He has been employed as a butcher, a green grocer and an electrician. He spent 13 years working under the ground in the coal mines of North Yorkshire.

He is now a full time author with three novels already released in the UK and more slated for release in 2008/2009. The Heaven's Falling series of books are optioned for use as a video game.

He has numerous short stories available on-line and in print, but has recently (2008) moved into screenplay writing.

He is the creator of the futuristic action/thriller TV series entitled Silent City, a venture which has garnered support from such star talent as Jason Flemyng, Andrew Tiernan, John Rhys-Davies, Mark Wingett, Leslie Simpson, Jennifer Lim, Axelle Carolyn and Warwick Davies.

He is also the proud owner of the Dead of Night Award for his work in horror literature.

Ron Purtee - director/producer

Born in May of 1979 in the town of Racine, WI, Ron has always wanted to entertain. Be it his old local cable access show, to stand up comedy and finally writing and directing.

Ron got the directing bug when he and a group of friends in high school were going to make a short film based on Halloween. The urge never left him and then he finally made Becoming Undead. Later that year, The Social Media Massacre followed, and now a web series, based on the short of the same name.